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Welcome to RJ Industries, your number one source for firewood.

We're dedicated to giving you the very best of firewood, with a focus on product quality, customer service and service delivery.
Founded by friends Rudie & Jarryd, RJ Industries is located in the beautiful city of Cape Town, Western Cape.

RJ Industries

The Idea

Our idea, like most great ideas, came to us while having a good time around the braai.
Tongs in one hand, a R&C in the other - the question: Why can't everyone enjoy this?

RJ Industries

The Plan

Sharing experiences and braai stories while building great relationships with our customers.
Continue to supply our well-known firewood while keeping our high standards.

RJ Industries

The Vision

Allowing everyone to not only have a braai, but to have a lekker kuier. Keeping the fire and conversation going for as long as possible - enjoying every moment.

Products & Services

RJ Industries caters for restaurants, Bed and Breakfasts and the traditional braaier . We are dedicated and committed to bringing the best in quality and unrivaled service to our customers.

Wattle Wood

Black & Green Wattle wood is commonly used for braaing and pizza ovens. This wood is easy to ignite and burns at a nice tempreture. Did you know?  The Wattle tree is also seen as a "weed" in the farming community. This tree forms dense thickets that puts a threat on vegetation.

Rooikrans Wood

Rooikrans is one of the favoured types of wood in South Africa. Rooikraans has a long burning coal that is perfect for potjies with some help from charcoal. Did you know?  Rooikrans is also a type of Wattle Tree. Some other names for this wood are red-eyed wattle and western coastal wattle.

Kameeldoring Wood

Kameeldoring is one of the best types of wood to cook with. This wood has a very long lasting coal that put out a high tempreture. This wood is often used in spit braais.

Packed bags

We offer our wood packaged in 15kg bags for your convenience. Best for when your mate is short and wood and you need to bring some over. For pricing click here.


We offer free delivery to Northern Suburbs in Cape Town for orders over 1000 pieces.Contact us for more information.

Loose Pieces

We also offer loose pieces of wood. This is easier to store under your braai / fireplace and works best when using a pizza oven. For pricing click here.

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Interested in our products? Don't worry about counting the bucks as you add pieces onto your fire.
Enjoy your braai and let the kuier last.

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RJ Industries

Packed Bags

Our 15kg packed bags of Wattle are R20.00 each. This will exclude delivery. Delivery can be arranged for larger orders.

  • R1300.00  for 1000 pieces bag packed wattle (Delivery Included).
  • Contact Us  for pricing on bag packed Rooikrans and Kameeldoring.

RJ Industries


Delivery fees will apply for orders under 1000 pieces. Free delivery for orders within 20km of Burgundy Estate. Please contact us for any queries.

RJ Industries

Loose Pieces

  • R120.00  for 100 pieces loose wattle(Collect only).
  • R500.00  for 500 pieces loose wattle(Collect).
  • R650.00  for 500 pieces loose wattle(Delivery).
  • R1000.00  for 1000 pieces loose wattle(Delivery Included).
  • R1500.00  for 1000 pieces loose Rooikrans(Delivery Included).
  • Contact Us  for pricing on loose Kameeldoring


Meet The Manne

Jarryd Sampson

Jarryd Sampson

Director / Braaier
Rudie van Zyl

Rudie van Zyl

Director / Braaier

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about braaing. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Answer: There are many ways to light the fire. Everyone's preference will vary - but between newspaper, Blitz or gas. Gas is always going to gaurentee you the best result.
Answer: If you are doing MasterChef and want to have a BBQ, gas would be that option. BUT  if you would like to create a great atmosphere and have a great time - We suggest to use wood.
This all depends on what you are looking to braai. If you are looking to have a spit braai, start off with Wattle to get the fire going and change over to Kameeldoring.
If you are going to have a potjie, you could use Wattle wood and change over to charcoal.
If you are just doing to have some wors or looking to tan a chop, Wattle wood will be best.
Ventation is the most important. Using a coal maker in a built-in braai tends to not give much oxygen.
Building a fire using the 'Log Cabin' style provides much more air, keeping your fire going.

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Ruby Estate, Burgundy Estate
Cape Town, 7441